Master’s thesis, bachelor’s thesis, diploma thesis, state examination etc .; whatever the final thesis may bemany who have to write one of these qualification papers think first and foremost: “How can I manage that ?!” It is not that difficult to write a thesis if you follow only a few rules and otherwise just write quickly. The following tips should encourage you by showing how easy it is to avoid common mistakes when writing a thesis.

Basics of a successful diploma thesis

Before the actual writing of the diploma thesis, it is first of all necessary to lay a solid foundation. Experienced lecturers usually notice very quickly whether a student has writtenblindly“, or whether he has taken the time to thoroughly familiarize himself with the subject and to organize his or her own thoughts.

The entry

If you did not have to, you would probably neverstartwriting the thesis. Therefore, it is quite good that there are exam dates, regular study periods and pushing parents or partners. The pressure from the outside can be of help if you consider it anincentive“! But should he stress you, then tryas far as possibleto displace him. Take a look at the examination regulations and read what they say about your thesis: What are the deadlines and formal requirements? How extensive does the thesis have to be? U. v. a. m.

Find the topic of the diploma thesis

The best way to find a good topic is to sort out what’s out of the question. There is no point in choosing a particularlymoderntheme that interests you personally but not at all. Only what you find fundamentallyexcitingand appealing, spurs you on enough to work on it with the necessary vigor. This is the only way to find motivation to spend up to a year concentrating on the thesis.

Next, you must consider the purpose of your thesis as a priority. A cleverly chosen topic can enormously increase job prospects. In that sense, it can always pay off if you decide on a diploma thesis topic in the field of companies that you could very well imagine as his future employer.

Another priority may be to make a scientific statement on the subject of best practice, such as the development of an innovative method of investigation or the closing of a research gap. It is of crucial importance that you now agree with your task master the exact formulation of the topic about which you would like to write your diploma thesis. If your professor takes the time, alright; if not, then find another suitable expert with whom you can specify the exact wording of the topic of your diploma thesis. Make sure you exercise the necessary caution, because the topic is often the devil in the detail! Often you can not answer the following crucial questions yourself:

  • Is the topic too far or too narrow for a thesis?
  • Does it contain controversial research problems that one would rather avoid as a student?
  • Is the area already hopelessly researched?


Take a look, at first quiteaimlessly“, in the basic research literature. This is not a waste of time, but helps to familiarize yourself with the problem and to think it through. But do not forget to make a note of what you have read where. Often one remembers at an advanced time of the diploma thesis suddenly, that one has already read somewhere something interesting to this or that fact. How good, if then the references were documented! In addition, writing the introduction may prove very useful in having a good overview of theses and research approaches of the thesis topic.

In the end, you need to know what your topic is about and what research method (s) you want to apply.

The golden rule is: “Say it in one sentence!” – but it may also be two or three. If you can explain to a layman in a few sentences what your diploma thesis is about, then the topic is almost certainly clear to you.

Many students find getting into the thesis at least as difficult as the actual writing. But weaknesses and mistakes at this point in the work can hardly be corrected later. You can quickly overcome motivation holes and other problems when writing your diploma thesis with the help of our experienced coaches. Simply arrange a free preliminary talk